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Blood Donation Camp

  • 2022/01/26
  • 08:00 AM
  • St. Joseph Church, Mira Road

Small efforts can make a big difference!!!

You don’t need to be a doctor to save lives and it exhibits that every blood donor is a hero as they decide to give a part of themselves for the benefit of society. We THANK every person who supported the effort of KARUNYA SEVA FOUNDATION for the BLOOD DONATION CAMP on 26-January.

We would like to thank our Parish Priest, Fr Melvin for whole-heartedly supporting the anticipated cause and providing the Church premises as a dimension for the opening. Also, reckoning other associations for their assistance in mobilizing the event which ensued to over 150 people enthusiastically coming for the blood donation.

Fr. Melvin raised the curtain for the camp and was also the first blood donor, accompanied by other priests. The Holy Cross Sisters also decided to have a hand in this cause and followed suit.

We would like to express gratitude to our partners for this social purpose – Lions club of Heritage Galaxy & Mira-Bhayandar Runners, who helped us earnestly in this drive to get 118 blood units successfully, which indeed is massive from a Blood Donation perspective.

We also thank Tata Memorial Hospital and its staff who supported us with this drive.

We are highly grateful to those who came to donate but unfortunately could not, due to certain reasons. We respect and salute your good will.

Looking forward to have our next social event in a trice. God bless us all!